ADN Case Studies: Residential Roof Replacement

LOCATION: Felbridge, Surrey

Q1. What was originally asked for by the client? Problems with roof etc?

A1. ADN Roofing was contacted by a lady who was concerned with her roof. The roof was old and she wanted it checked by ADN Roofing to see if there were any visible problems with the structure. ADN promptly surveyed the roof and found various problems.

ADN Roofing suggested either major repairs be carried out to the entire roof or a brand new roof be installed for approximately 30% more cost. The client decided they wanted to replace the roof and make sure we could get at any unseen damage.

Q2. What was found on closer inspection? Problems that came up etc?

A2. Once the tiled section had been removed and all waterproof membrane had been cleared, we could see extensive damage to the roof frame. This had mainly been caused by woodworm, signs of which were in multiple areas. There were also major rotten areas of the roof tile support frame.

Once the evidence of rot and woodworm were apparent these were shown to the client. We advised on various treatments and solutions so they could pick an option that worked within their budget.

They decided to treat the affected areas with a multi-fluid spray that protected against woodworm, dry rot and wet rot. Having certified roofers that are able to treat these areas we could begin treatment right away.

This was then applied to all the roof framework for future protection as well as immediate treatment. There were certain rafters that were beyond treatment which were renewed with new cut wood.

Q3. Anything that ADN’s experience and ‘know how’ helped the situation and cut cost etc?

A3. With ADNs experience and trained workmen we were able to completely replace the roof with brand new tiles, handle all extra works including replacing various structure points and treatment of all structural sections all within a budget that another local company had quoted for just changing the roof.

Having replaced the roof we were also able to add our long guarantee to the roof whereas if we were only repairing this would not have been possible.

Q4. Any additional services included?

A4. The guttering on the property was in a poor condition so this was also replaced. Exterior decorating was also supplied and completed within schedule.